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Welcome to Embrace Pelvic Health

Get expert concierge care to have your best pelvic health.

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  • Pain during pregnancy 

  • Pelvic pain 

  • Leaking or incontinence

  • Pain with intimacy 

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Constipation

What do we treat?

Yoga Pose

Your Life

At Embrace Pelvic Health we know how frustrating it can be when pain or dysfunction keeps you from doing the activities you love.

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Your Goals

We focus on your goals to help you move better, stay active, and live pain free.

Take care of your pelvic health now

Get an assessment from a pelvic health specialist and individually tailored program to meet your needs.

What We Do


Evaluate, begin injury healing, & start recovery journey

We start by getting to know you and your history. We want to uncover the cause of your symptoms and create a plan to address your specific needs.


Embrace new mechanics & strength

Next we help you learn and solidify new coordination, movement patterns, and habits. We start the process of gradually working into the activities you love.


Phase 3: Ensure longevity

Finally, we make small changes to your movements, progress your strengthening, and ensure you have the awareness and tools to stay pain and symptom free.




How does it work?

Schedule a Free Discovery Call. We'll figure out if you are a good fit for our therapists. 

After that, we start with an initial evaluation to assess your posture, breathing, alignment, pelvic floor (which is always optional) and dialogue with you to create a plan to meet your goals.

I had SPD start very early in my second pregnancy and Julianna saved me! Not only did she give me tools needed to help mitigate the pain, but I always felt like our time together was efficient and effective (I haven't always felt that with PTs - sometimes I feel like appointments are dragged out). It's also awesome that she's there to help you when you need - if that's multiple times a week, or only when you need support, I always felt like she was allowing me to set the pace and cadence. But most importantly, I really feel like she LISTENS to your pains and concerns. Go see her, now!

-Kristin C


What is pelvic floor therapy? Pelvic floor physical / occupational therapy is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system between your shoulders and your knees and beyond. This often focuses on dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles that span the bottom of our pelvis from the pubic bone, tailbone, and sit bones. The pelvic floor muscles have a number of important functions: not letting us lose urine or bowels, supporting our organs, supporting our core, and enhancing sexual pleasure. The pelvic floor muscles can become overactive or "tight" and have trouble letting go or be weak and unable to support the core. Pelvic floor muscle weakness can manifest as leaking urine when we exercise, laugh, cough or sneeze, leaking stool, pelvic organ prolapse, and back pain. When the pelvic floor muscles are overactive people can have issues including pelvic pain with intercourse, sitting, or in the tailbone, trouble starting the stream of urine, and back and abdominal pain. Life events such as being pregnant, giving birth, stress, trauma, and surgery can affect the strength and coordination of these muscles. Many people with pelvic floor dysfunction have not had children.

Do you take insurance? In order to provide quality care and one on one time with our clients, we not contracted with insurance. We can provide an itemized super bill with the codes required for you to submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement using your out of network benefits. If this interests you, please contact your insurance provider to determine your out-of-network benefits. You can pay with a credit, debit, HSA, or FSA card.

What happens during the first visit? Physical & occupational therapy starts with an evaluation including a discussion of the problem you are seeking help with, what you want to improve, and your medical history. Depending on what was discussed, your therapist may want to perform physical tests and measures such as watching how you move, testing your strength, and testing your flexibility. We often recommend an internal and external pelvic floor examination. However, any examination is optional and based upon your comfort. After these tests, the therapist will start treatment to resolve any impairments such as weakness, tightness, postural alignment, breathing, and habits. Treatment may include exercises, manual therapy, and a home program.

How many appointments will I need? Alas, it depends. How many visits will depend on what is going on, how you are progressing, and many other factors. Typically people have an evaluation and a few follow ups to make sure that they are progressing well toward their goals.


Lauren P

I saw Julianna for a couple sessions after having my second baby and she was absolutely fantastic! Not only is she a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the pelvic floor, but she really takes the time to make sure you understand everything that's going on in your body. I felt incredibly comfortable and cared for, and she really took the time to not only provide detailed instructions for exercises to do at home, but also to speak with me about the emotional side of the issues I am dealing with and her caring spirit really came through. I can't recommend Julianna and the Embrace Pelvic Health team enough!!

Morenike A

I’ve had a great experience thus far with Embrace Pelvic Health & specifically Mirah OTR/L. I originally wasn’t sure if working on my pelvic floor would be helpful so late since I started 1+ years postpartum but the DR evaluation and subsequent appointments to reevaluate and adjust recommended home based exercises has been great and helpful. Mirah has been a wealth of knowledge, a sound listener and always made me feel welcomed and heard. Highly recommend! 👍🏾

Steph S

I spent 10 years having my pain and symptoms brushed off by physicians. I had completely given up on finding an answer. After seeking advice from my fellow doula friends, I was directed to Embrace PT & Wellness. Julianna not only validated my pain, but in two sessions she was able to build trust enough to convince me to go back to an OBGYN....
I truly would not have had the confidence to seek further treatment if it weren't for Julianna's expertise and incredible trauma-informed method of care. Two visits with Julianna has changed my life. 

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