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Benefits of Out-of-Network Pelvic Floor PT or OT

Updated: Jun 5

Benefits of Out-of-Network Pelvic Floor PT or OT

Out-of-Network = Increased Quality of Care

Insurance-based clinics and hospitals are facing decreased reimbursement costs. (1) This often requires them to double or even triple book in order to keep the institution running. Many clinics only offer 30-40 minute pelvic floor therapy sessions, despite pelvic floor dysfunction requiring extra time and care in order for clients to feel comfortable and heard. In a traditional clinic or hospital setting, your clinician likely has to quickly finish their notes while you’re still there, cutting into your valuable appointment time. By staying out of network, clinicians at Embrace Pelvic Health can be fully present and available to you for a full hour, allowing more time for individualized attention and pelvic health education. Additionally, private pay allows us to utilize more holistic treatment methods without worrying if an insurance company decides a specific treatment is right for you. 

A Less Stressed Therapist = A Better Therapist & Learning Environment

Benefits of Out-of-Network Pelvic Floor PT or OT

One of the most important aspects of pelvic health is being able to access increased relaxation and nervous system resilience. For many clients, a pivotal part of pelvic healing comes from the grounding, calm presence of a trained clinician. A rushed, stressed therapist can make clients stressed, and a stressed brain has less capacity for learning and neuromuscular reeducation. (2) By staying out of network, we have the flexibility to create our schedule with adequate breaks in between clients, allowing us to clean the office, take detailed notes, develop strong and individualized home programs, and unwind before our next session. This allows us to be fully present and available for each client. 

You May Save Money

It’s very possible that working with a private pay clinician will actually save you money. Many insurance-based hospital and clinic settings only allow for 30-45 minutes per visit. This means that you will have to go more frequently and possibly more long term. People who have insurance plans with high deductibles or high co-pays may end up spending more for care in these settings. 

You May Qualify for Reimbursement

Many insurance companies provide coverage for Out-of-Network providers. Call your insurance company today to learn about what services may still be covered under your plan. We can always provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Benefits of Out-of-Network Pelvic Floor PT or OT

In our ideal world, health care is free and accessible and clinicians are fairly reimbursed with a good work/life balance. Unfortunately, that is not a reality at this time. Because we are so passionate about providing the best possible care for our clients, Embrace Pelvic Health will continue to be private pay. By not credentialing with insurance companies, clinicians at Embrace Pelvic Health can provide the highest quality attention and care to serve your pelvic health needs.


If you have pelvic health concerns and would like to see how our therapists at Embrace can help, follow the link to schedule your free discovery call.

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