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Leaking Pee Is Common But Not Normal: 5 Tips to Stop Leaking

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

1. You need a strong pelvic floor but more kegels aren’t always the answer!

Research shows 50% of women perform kegels incorrectly! Many women need to learn to relax or let go of their pelvic floor before they can learn to strengthen it. You could be “overusing” your kegel muscles--so tightening them more won’t help. Letting your pelvic floor muscles (PFM) go or relaxing is often much harder than squeezing. Get help from a pelvic floor therapist to make sure you are squeezing and relaxing correctly.

2. Breathing matters.

Your pelvic floor and abs get pushed down and out if you are holding your breath when you stand up, lift your child, or lift weights. Holding your breath can also put pressure on your bladder!

3. Don’t overuse your abs!

Squeezing your abs too tight can push down on your bladder, making you more likely to pee. Overusing your abs can also push down on your pelvic floor and organs.

4. Check your alignment.

“Posture” can be a dirty word, but how you stand and move needs to be addressed. Many women lean back on their heels when they stand. This uses less energy, but pulls on your abs. This leaning stance can get more pronounced with the center of mass changes when you are pregnant or holding a baby.

5. Don’t go “just in case.”

If you pee before you leave the house and as soon as you walk in the door, you are training your bladder to give you incorrect signals!

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