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New Beginnings

Updated: Jun 6

New Name

Welcome new beginnings with our new name, Embrace Pelvic Health–formerly Embrace Physical Therapy & Wellness–marks an affirmation of our emphasis for this practice. As a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, I still see people who need a cancer specialist, but my passion is helping people through their struggles with pelvic pain, prolapse, pain with intimacy, leaking urine and constipation. As a board-certified pelvic floor specialist, this is my calling.

embrace pelvic floor physical therapy

Embrace’s name change is also an expansion. When I was trained, physical therapists (PT) were the only pelvic health rehabilitation providers I met in training. PTs were the licensed musculoskeletal experts to help with the pelvic floor muscles, posture, breathing, etc. Over the past few years, occupational therapists (OTs) have joined PTs in this specialty at an increasing rate. This is a welcome change for two reasons. First, there are so many people who need this expertise and OTs add to the pool of those able to help. Second, occupational therapists have a different lens in their training. Occupational therapy school starts with how to help people with the everyday tasks they want to perform by helping modify their actions, environments, and tools to help achieve their goals (AOTA). This is very much the approach I take as a PT. However, much of the training for PTs starts with a focus on helping you optimize movement, fitness, and providing pain relief (Chose PT). The points of view are overlapping yet can provide a different perspective when meeting your pelvic health needs.


If you have pelvic health concerns and would like to see how our therapists at

Embrace can help, follow the link to schedule your free discovery call.

embrace pelvic floor physical therapy

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