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Exciting News: Your Postpartum Essentials Program

Updated: Jun 6

I am excited and deeply honored to announce that I am launching a virtual course, Postpartum Essentials, in collaboration with The Healthy Pelvis Project and Boston Pelvic PT. Dr. Alexandra DiGrado PT, DPT, PRPC and I have a joint mission to teach birthing people how to best prepare and heal their bodies after the transformation that childbirth brings. We are huge proponents of focusing on the birthing person’s health so that they can cope with the difficulties and enjoy time with their new baby.

Postpartum Essentials Program

Our Postpartum Essentials program was conceived after Alex and I heard “I wish I someone had told me” one too many times. Do you know someone who would benefit from this program? This is a fantastic present for a new parent or baby shower gift.

“I wish I someone had told me that!”

Separate Fact From Fiction

Are you overwhelmed by all of the blogs, Instagram posts, and advice from family members? This course is a deep dive into pelvic health that strives to be inclusive to all birthing people. Postpartum Essentials includes realistic strategies to help all birthing people recover postpartum. It includes how to survive and thrive in the demanding first 48 hours and first 6 weeks after birth.

What The Course Includes

There are videos and handouts detailing everything from how to have your first bowel movement, how to lift and feed your baby to reduce back pain and manage with a c-section scar. The course teaches you how to test for and rehab separated abdominals (diastasis recti), strengthen your core safely, stop leaking pee or poo, how to have pain free and pleasurable sex after baby, how to get your bowels and bladder back on track, manage back pain, and have your best postpartum experience.

Postpartum Essentials Program

Postpartum Essentials is for People Ready to:

  1. Heal your back pain

  2. Learn what is and is not normal

  3. Lift, laugh, cough, and sneeze without leaking

  4. Have pain free pleasurable sex

  5. Strengthen your pelvic floor and core

  6. Get rid of hemorrhoids and have great bowel movements

  7. Care for your scars

  8. Feed your child without shoulder, neck, or back stiffness

This program is for parents who are expecting a baby, gave birth 6 weeks ago, 6 years ago and beyond. It’s also a great way for pregnant people to prepare for the unexpected.

Postpartum Essentials Program


If you have pelvic health concerns and would like to see how our therapists at

Embrace can help, follow the link to schedule your free discovery call.

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